October 13, 2015



Voice Technology and Voice Directed Order Picking deliver a whole new level of efficiency for today’s modern warehouse.

 – Frequently Asked Questions –

Q. How is Voice Technology used in Warehouse Management?
Q. What can I use it for?
Q. What equipment do I need?
Q. Can I use my existing RF network?
Q. What are accuracy improvements can I expect?
Q. What productivity gains can I expect?
Q. What other benefits will I get?
Q. What is the payback?
Q. Is it possible to calculate my expected Return on Investment (ROI)?
Q. Can I use it in the freezer?
Q. Does it work in a noisy environment?
Q. What’s the difference between speaker dependent and speaker independent voice recognition?
Q. Does each user just have to do the voice training once?
Q. Can it handle different dialects and accents?
Q. Does each worker need his own unit?
Q. How often do the batteries need charging?
Q. Are the units robust?
Q. How easy is it for workers to get used to it?
Q. Can I use it if I have a cold?
Q. Can hearing impaired people use it?
Q. What happens if a user is out of range of an RF access point?
Q. How does a picker confirm what he has picked?
Q. Is the voice transmitted over the RF network?